Fishing Report: December 8, 2018

These cold fronts are becoming more frequent. The calm, warm, sunny days in between seem less predictable and more fleeting as Christmas approaches. That being said, fishing has been outstanding. Despite the north wind, the tide filled some flats up to the edges, providing great protection from the wind and lots of food for hungry redfish. Finding these lee edges has been priority number one for sight fishing since the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds most days. The calm water near the grass makes for decent visibility on the dark days.

Our fishing days have been pretty easy going. The best light right now is between 10am and 2pm and the fish seem to stay dormant in deeper water until later in the morning when the shallow water warms up. Timing that warm up with an incoming tide made for the best fishing of the week on Thursday when the dinner bell rang at about 11:30am.

We’ve been fishing north, south, and everywhere in between over the last couple of weeks. Guests from Montana and Dallas have all experienced a variety of fishing- each day finding new challenges and great opportunities to catch happy redfish.Our flies have gotten lighter with the colder water. Fish seem to like the slow presentation and a heavier fly gets snagged in the grass if you’re not stripping fast enough. On the cold days, black and purple has worked well. We’ve been throwing a lot of natural colors on bright days, and on occasion when they won’t eat well…spoon flies are what’s for dinner!

I’m booked through the holidays, but January and February are pretty open. Those of you that live nearby have a great opportunity to take advantage of your proximity to the coast and a good forecast!¬†