Rusty made a great cast on this feeding redfish…And, yes, that’s sunshine!

For weeks we have been dealing with weather conditions that have made sight casting/fly fishing almost impossible. Poling miles of shallow flats and edges staring into infinite glare while praying to see a tail…it has been frustrating and discouraging to say the least. I’m a fly fisherman. I want to see the fish before I make a cast. If I start spraying blind casts all over the place, I risk spooking that rare sight cast opportunity. And putting the fly rod away for the spin rod? Not me!

My stubbornness has always been my downfall in fly fishing. I’ll throw a dry fly all day- skunk be damned- knowing good and well that I could be catching a mess of trout on a nymph rig. While there is room to be stubborn as an angler, it’s important to be flexible as a guide. The fact is: fishing is fishing!

Yesterday was cloudy, foggy, and that calm wind forecast never played out. As I poled one of my favorite edges, I noticed that there were zero fish up on the shallow flat. I kept poling right over all of the fish, spooking them from underneath the boat in three feet of muddy water. The redfish know it’s still winter and they are staying deep. We put the fly rod away and began casting the spin rod along this depth/clarity change. Within 10 minutes, we had a 30 inch redfish to the boat. We continued to have a fantastic day fishing to likely holding areas and catching a few more fish. Way more than we could have caught if we had stayed with the fly rod.

Whether you’re fly fishing, spin fishing, tossing bait, or hand-lining, IT’S ALL FISHING! And it should all be fun.