For the last 3 days, the Madison River has been dropping and the color has gone from dirt brown to fishy green. Water temps are peaking at around 54 degrees, but I would suspect that will increase late this week.

The fishing has been great with a short nymph rig. Pat’s Rubber Legs, worms, etc. I prefer short and heavy in order to fish the slow pocket water along the banks…where the fish are. Your chances for fish on the dry fly are getting better by the day. The caddis on a warm evening is a good option. Salmonflies? Maybe soon. PMD’s? Yup, lower down. Lot’s of tying to do in the next few nights, then it’s off to the races. I’m predicting an early-ish hatch. June 19th.

Still some availability here and there throughout the summer. Not much, so book a flight and join me on the river.