It’s Salmonfly time again in the Madison Valley. Anglers from around the world are here to catch “THE fish” on our biggest hatch of the year. You can catch a giant on any given day during any given hatch, but the average size of fish eating this large, floating meal is significantly larger than your typical caddis/mayfly hatch.

It’s different every year depending on weather, flows, and water temps. This year’s hatch has coincided with some moody June weather and the hatch (or should I say the bite) has been less than consistent. Right place, right time is the name of the game, but commitment is key. To encounter the mythical magic hour of salmonfly madness, you need to fish it all day, ramp to ramp. I’ll go a step further and say no dropper. There’s no way you can fish tight to structure and achieve the drift that’s required to fool the big fish. If you put your time in and can formulate an educated guess as to where the action will be, you’ll be rewarded. What’s the rig? 7 to 9′ of 1x. That’s right. Think streamer fishing with a dry fly. If the fish wants it, the leader won’t change its mind. You want a leader big enough to turn the fly over and drift…drage free and fly-first!