Fly Fishing in Port Aransas

We are in the full swing of summer in Port Aransas. Weekend boat traffic has now expanded into the midweek days as we get more sun and less wind. There’s no better time to come fly fishing in Port Aransas. Beating the heat by getting out at first light is paramount.

Summer mornings around Mustang Island are generally calm and happy redfish school up and feed. Seeing small groups of these tailing reds in super shallow water will get any fly angler’s heart racing. A well-placed fly will almost always get eaten! Due to the hungry nature of these fish, top water flies or “gurglers” are a staple in my summertime fly box. As the sun gets a little higher in the sky, fish will spread out, and targeting sand flats, guts, and potholes is our primary game plan. Redfish and trout alike can be found cruising or laid up around these features and will take advantage of a tan shrimp stripped quickly.

Summer Fly Fishing Charters

Most summer charters in Port Aransas will run from about 6:30am to 12:30pm and cost $600. The afternoon heat can be unbearable, and the fish will typically go dormant until sundown. After fishing, take advantage of relaxing on the beach and taking a swim in the gulf or at the pool.

Port A Recommendations

Evenings are stellar in Port Aransas and there are plenty of restaurants for the entire family to enjoy. A few of my favorite places to eat on the Island are Trout Street Grill, Tortuga’s Saltwater Grill, The Phoenix, Roosevelt’s, and Dylan’s Coal Oven Pizzeria.

Looking for a great place to stay? Vacation rentals at Cinnamon Shore are top notch and offer outstanding amenities for the whole family.

If you’re looking a fly fishing trip this summer, bring your family and take advantage of beach life in Port A.